I offer holistic support through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period to women who are ready to call in the support they deserve whilst going through this important life transition.

I am currently based in Frome, UK and am available to work with you if you live within a 30 mile radius. I also occasionally take on clients in my hometown of Dublin, Ireland.

How I can support you

I work with birthing women in many ways and each woman is different in what she desires and requires. We will discuss what works for you individually, but to give you an idea, here is what I can offer:

  1. Doula support: Hire me as your doula and I will walk with you through the rest of your pregnancy, be there to empower you as you birth-wherever and however that may be-and tend to you and baby through the postpartum period. This support is physical, emotional, informational and practical. The price ranges between £900 - £2000.
  2. Postpartum support: If you want support once your baby is Earthside, I can offer breastfeeding guidance, medicinal meals, emotional support and generally ensure you and your family thrive by having all the support you need. The price ranges between £150 - £1000.
  3. Consultations: If you are simply seeking more information about your options or desire emotional support, we can speak over the phone/zoom for a consultation with which I can guide you through the first steps. The price is £60 per hour.
  4. Massage therapy: I offer holistic and nurturing massage therapy that is suitable for everyone, including pregnant women and postpartum. Visit me in my studio or have me come to your home. The price ranges between £75 - £95.
  5. Motherblessings: Allow me to hold a special event in which all your close woman/people gather to celebrate your transition into motherhood in ceremony and ritual. This is a beautiful way to honour your pregnancy and be honoured by all the women/people in your life. The price ranges between £200 - £600 depending on your desires.

Feedback from Clients

“Ciara was a beautiful presence in our post natal landscape - intuitive, wise, gentle and highly capable both in the kitchen and with our twins - and I’d recommend her to anyone.” - Xochi



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