I am a continuous student & practitioner of Celtic Shamanism. I offer drum journeys, shamanic counselling & ritual as forms of spiritual connection & guidance.

The use of drum journeys, breathwork, ritual and dance are ancient practices used to connect with the realms of spirit, soul and nature.

Shamanic counselling sessions can help with experiences power loss, childhood related issues, feelings of disconnection and can aid with self discovery. It is a powerful and profound way to access the subconscious and allow self healing and insight to occur. I offer private shamanic counselling sessions virtually or in person.

What does a Shamanic drum journey look like?

There are two ways to have a shamanic journey. The first and most simple is when, after discussing intention and instructions, the client lays down and the practitioner guides breathing and visualisations to begin, then starts to drum while the client, without speaking, enters a trance state of consciousness for 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, the client takes time to write/draw and speak about the journey as a way of integration.

The second way of having a shamanic journey is when the client wears a set of high quality headphones and listens to the drumming. While in the trance state, they speak aloud what they are experiencing. This is audio recorded by the practitioner and notes are taken. After 30 minutes, the client and practitioner listens back to the audio recording, take some time for writing then discuss and explore the content and integrate the experience.

In Shamanic journeys we connect with spirit guides and spirit animals in other worlds who give us guidance and messages that will support with the healing journey. Some people take to this type work extraordinarily naturally and with others it takes practice, but regardless, it is a very powerful and accessible way to access the deep subconscious and inner wisdom.


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