Psilocybin mushroom assisted work can be beneficial for personal enquiry and growth. I offer preparation and integration support as well as 1:1 bespoke private retreats.

1:1 Consultation

You can book a consultation with me to discuss various of topics such as preparation and integration, if this work is right for you, how to begin your journey, micro-dosing and other information on psychedelics. If you want more information before booking, please email me at

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Psilocybin Retreats

Between 2016-2021 I was a lead facilitator for Alalaho, a retreat organisation in Holland. I now offer 1:1 private supported sessions for individuals. If you are interested in a private session with me, enquire via email.



The Spirit of the Liberty Cap” is a book that beautifully weaves together a practical and spiritual approach to foraging and journeying with magic mushrooms. Complete with an illustrated identification guide, spiritual connection practices, ceremony suggestions, personal insights and much more, you can use this toolkit to embark on the path of learning about the natural world and your own inner world in a deeply meaningful way.

I wrote "The Spirit of the Liberty Cap" with the intention of sharing my personal knowledge and to inspire people to interact with Liberty Caps in a way that respects Nature and honours Spirit. With tips for locating, foraging, preparing, journeying and integrating it’s a great place to start when beginning your journey with mushrooms. It offers suggested rituals, meditations, techniques and much more. You can buy the book by clicking the button below.

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Join monthly community gatherings with The Psychedelic Society of Ireland

The Psychedelic Society of Ireland was founded in 2015, born from a deep-seated need to cultivate a community that could connect over the topic of psychedelics in Ireland. Join the Patreon community for monthly virtual social gatherings and occasional in person events.

Feedback from Clients

“The preparation sessions were very empowering: Ciara held space for me to share my background and experiences with the plant medicine, my intentions and ask questions. She shared valuable tips and recommendations on how best to prepare for the journey and stay in my power during challenging parts of the trip. Thank you very much for your help! Highly recommended service.” – Inez
“Ciara is a wonderful person. She is extremely skilled, experienced, genuine and compassionate in the important work that she does. I am so grateful to her how she prepared me for this important experience and how she supported me throughout. The ceremony itself was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It feel like it may have the potential to be a truly transforming and I will work with Ciara in my integration work to try bring the teachings of this experience into my everyday life and awareness. I was so grateful that I felt completely safe during this experience which really allowed me to let go and immerse myself in the ceremony. Thank you Ciara for a truly special experience that I hope I will always carry with me through life.” – Shaun
“Ciara is a very special individual. A wise and lovely soul. Softly spoken but instills confidence and offers inspiration by example. Experienced in her craft and a true teacher. And delightful to be around. I wouldn’t have wanted to do this retreat with anyone else and really glad I met her. Keep up the wonderful work.” Siobhan
“Ciara is a kind, caring, wise and insightful guide and spiritual counsellor whom I would highly recommend to anyone contemplating a psychedelic journey. Ciara brings an authenticity to her work which is strongly evident when you meet with her. She deeply believes in the power of psychedelics for healing and growth, but also embodies a philosophy that most healing and growth is done outside of the experience itself. In that regard Ciara provides invaluable preparation and integration support before and after the psychedelic session that is a key component of the overall process. Within my psychedelic experience itself I felt safe, supported and cared for, enough so that I was able to delve into very difficult emotional material and did not feel self conscious or judged. I look forward to working with Ciara again in the near future as I continue to explore this healing modality.” Paul
“In a situation in which I might have felt vulnerable, I felt safe and protected. The preparation sessions were so important and Ciara was a wonderful ‘guide’ before, during and after the experience. That I was able to go so deep within and find the place of peace I needed had a lot to do with the way I was prepared. In the period immediately after the experience Ciara provided the right blend of enabling me to process what was happening, but also able to tune into my experience and to connect in a way which was helpful and not intrusive.” - Jeremy

Reviews of Spirit of the Liberty Cap

“A wonderful book containing all you need to know from foraging to journeying. Including reference pictures and written in easy to understand steps in language filled with poetry and love. A must for anyone interested in the gifts that mother nature provides during the autumn months on these islands....”
“A beautiful little book full of insight for beginning your journey with the magic of liberty caps. From foraging and space preparation, to integration, Ciara's wisdoms guides you in a way that is so deeply connected to the land and spirit. So grateful to hold one of these copies. Thank you.”
“A fantastic read, indispensable for those looking to cultivate a holistic and respectful relationship with the benevolent Semilanceata mushroom. Highly recommended!”

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