I offer Biodynamic Bodywork sessions to relax and release physical, emotional and energetic tension from the body. The technique incorporates rolfing, deep tissue and assisted stretches to liberate the body from withheld tensions and trauma.

About Biodynamic Bodywork (Massage Therapy)

The slow, deep and nurturing way in which the technique is executed allows recipients to release energy blockages, emotional tensions and physical holdings. I offer my knowledge of body types, awareness of physiology and loving presence to bring my clients and assist them on a beautiful journey through the emotional body. The benefits of this practise are:

  • relief from chronic pain (back, knee, neck, migraine, sciatica)
  • enhanced functioning of the visceral organs
  • deeper sleep, improved blood circulation / restored energy flow
  • a possible discharge of old physical/psychological holding patterns or habits
  • possible release of withheld emotions or trauma
  • feeling more grounded, centred, connected, whole
  • better alignment, greater freedom of movement, more clarity, more body-awareness
  • more vitality, energy, strength and resilience
  • general stress reduction

I currently take bookings in my home studio just outside Frome, Somerset for 90 minute sessions at £75.

I also offer local home visits to postpartum mothers at £90.

To enquire further and book, email me at

Feedback from Clients

“Ciara made me feel relaxed and welcome as soon as I stepped into the room. She took the time to speak to me about where I experience pain in my body and explained the pressure measurement she uses with you. I had a spinal fusion and so it is difficult to massage my back since there are foreign materials in there. Ciara gave me great relief despite my complications. She was attentive and communicative and didn't shy away from massaging my back. She gave equal attention to all of my body and I walked away feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated. Thank you Ciara!” – Andrea

“Massage with Ciara is a meditative and mind-body-connection experience. She, herself, enters into a state of flow, breathing mindfully as she works, which enables me to completely relax. She always listens attentively to what I need and feel, and her music and oils are beautiful. I don't think I have ever experienced this level of holistic healing with another massage therapist.” Roisin

“Ciara is a very skilful therapist. Communication is a key component and she works at your individual comfort level. Her energy has a still, calm, soothing quality and I felt so wonderfully relaxed after the massage. I would highly recommend a session with Ciara.” - Louise

“I have very high standards when it comes to massage or any kind of bodywork. Countless times I've laid on a massage table optimistic that I might have found the therapist that possesses the rare qualities which enable me to trust into surrendering into their hands, only to left feeling disappointed. Quite the opposite occurs with Ciara. Not only is she an expert space-holder, she is a master in massage and so attentively attuned to working with the different layers involved in the process that the experience is uniquely magical, relaxing, energising and balancing. I could not recommend her more.” - Lucy


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